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Welcome to
Chaturbhujeshwar Janata Multiple Campus

Established in 1991 A.D. (2048 B.S.) and situated at Sukhepokhari, Harion, Sarlahi, Chaturbhujeshwar Janata Multiple Campus (CJMC) was started with diligent effort of the local people who were conscious enough to run the campus at any cost. Seeing 'opportunity in difficulty' and remaining firmly optimistic of its success to become a renowned campus of the district of Sarlahi bringing opportunity to students of this area for their need of education, skill and wisdom, and for their better enlightened and prosperous future, they became prepared for their contribution to the campus from their side in whatever way they were able: financially, politically, educationally, morally.

Latest Notice & Events

2081/3/26 07:34:06

शाेक विदा सम्बन्धी सूचना

2081/3/20 21:48:05

परीक्षा फाराम (नियमित / आंशिक)_४-वर्षे बी.ए., बी.एड., बी.बी.एस_तेस्राे वर्ष

2081/3/20 21:50:58

​परीक्षा फाराम (आंशिक)_३-वर्षे बी.ए._दाेस्राे वर्ष

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